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Skin Care Article

Why Receive Skin Care Treatments?

Healthy skin has a radiant glow that comes from the inside. The best way to obtain and maintain this sparkle is with regular skin care treatments. Depending on the physical environment and the aggressions undergone by your skin, certain areas become fragile and become a priority for treatment. Your skin will also react to internal and external influences. Seasonal changes, stress and fatigue, sunlight and medications such as birth control pills, antihistamines, antibiotics and steroids all impact your complexion!

Receive unique and specialized treatments that combine the newest technology and formulas along with high-tech ingredients to smooth, clear, illuminate and revitalize the skin!

Facials are preventative medicine. As we age, the metabolism of the skin slows down and skin will begin to look and feel dull. Facials are one way to keep this in check, along with resolving a host of skin care concerns such as Rosacea, acne, sunspots, premature aging, crows feet, sagging and creases. Facials clean the pores and enhance the product penetration of your skin care products at home. Environmental pollution can be seen on the skin in both obvious and subtle ways.

Oxygenating the skin enables it to fight against pollution, prevent asphyxiation and congestion. Skin is a living organ that breathes and renews itself.