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Spa Beauty Extras

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Purchase Spa Beauty Extras

Here you may purchase Beauty Extras to be added to any facial:

Add the following to any facial to enhance the experience. Please review the "Ideal with..." recommendations for the facial you're receiving, in order to know which extras best compliment the facial you've chosen. You can discuss this with Lesa at the time of your facial to ensure you're using the best extras to get the most benefit from your facial.

Brow tint ~ $15

Brow Shaping and Brow Tint ~ $30

Aromatic Detox Foot Wrap with Foot Massage ~ $15

Ampoules/Concentrates/Vitamin C Boosters ~ $10

These intensive concentrates can be added to any facial, and are $10 per ampoule. Please refer to the "Ideal with..." section of the facial description to see which ampoules are best with your chosen facial.

Cooling Organic Seaweed Mask ~ $18

Detox Mask ~ $10

A double mask treatment using a mineral nutrient rich mask with a customized finishing mask for an added boost to vitality- ideal for all skin types

LED Facial Rejuvenation ~ $45

Skin firming technology at its best with infrared light treatment. No down time; collagen and radiance boosting.

Lactic Acid or Glycolic Acid ~ $25

Youthful Hands ~ $25

Glycolic Acid applied to hands during facial