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LED Facial Rejuvenation

LED Facial Rejuvenation as an add-on to any facial service ~ $45

Skin firming technology at its best with infrared light treatment. This treatment is not a facial. This is an add-on to a facial service. There is no down time. Collagen and radiance boosting. Beautify your skin like never before with Photactif Corrective skin system. A system that uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and targeted customized skin care products that give you a fresh-faced look. Improves tone, sensitivity and rosacea, sun-damaged and aging or stressed skin. LEDs emit polychromatic infrared light that gently penetrates deep into the skin, is soothing and safely results in a renewed and radiant firmer skin tone!

Best results with a series of six or every 3-4 weeks. Approximately 25 minutes in length