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"Finding Lesa Benjamin was like going home. I am 63 years old and feel that my skin has never been in better condition. The pores, texture and tone are so improved and Lesa always goes above and beyond. I am so confident that I let her decide what I need and when. Last fall after only 8 months my 5 year old great-nephew touched my face and said 'WOW, you have the smoothest, softest face in the world.' That is all I needed to hear. I see my niece about 4 times a year and this summer she could not believe the improvement in pores and texture. Lesa will not disappoint you or your skin!"
~~ Joan Z. -- Greenville, SC Client since 2006.

"After visiting all the local high end salons and spas and paying high prices for the services. I found myself very disappointed. A facial is a facial and microdermabrasion is microdermabrasion... yes? No Way! The real service is all in the hands of the esthetician and Lesa Benjamin is the ABSOLUTE best! My skin has never looked so great and I have NEVER been as pleased. Being a business owner myself, I enjoy her professionalism, her prompt attention to detail and Lesa's dedication to her craft. She is in a league all her own and after a treatment with her you will be addicted to how great your skin looks and feels!"
~~ Breeze T. -- Boca Raton, FL Client since 2005

"Wrinkles and Blemishes! It is just not fair!" That was my state when I first met Lesa. Aging skin, blemishes and an incredible sensitivity to most beauty products were my problems. Within a few visits, the blemishes diminished. Lesa explained that regular exfoliation keeps my pores from becoming clogged and therefore reduces breakouts. She was correct! I have not had any difficulties with blemishes since she introduced the microdermabrasion to me. Surprisingly, my sensitive skin could handle the microdermabrasion easily. And the products she used complemented my skin, never having any derogatory reaction.

Lesa knows her work! I trust her implicitly with my skin. I know that she has erased years of aging from my face through her extensive knowledge of microdermabrasion, light therapy and use of superior products. I have been Lesa's client for over 5 years! It thrills me to introduce her to others so they can experience the same rejuvenation and relaxation!
~~ Patty L. -- Coral Springs, FL/ Greenville, SC Client since before 2003

I would like to say that after only THREE visits to Lesa, I actually look forward to looking in the mirror for a change! From product knowledge to everyday habits, Lesa has LITERALLY changed my life in the way I look at my skin! I never imagined that after moving to the upstate that I would find an Esthetician comparable to mine in Charleston, but I found one that SURPASSED what I had ever received before! I am officially addicted! If Lesa ever relocates, I am ever so grateful that I have lots of frequent flyer miles and hotel points. "Thank you" will never be able to cover it.
~~ Leah W. Greenville, SC Client since 2008

I was lucky to have found Lesa when I moved to Greenville. She has helped my skin go from bad to great in a few months. I have less breakouts and scarring and my skin tone has improved tremendously. Lesa is very professional, knowledgeable and willing to help in any way. She offers great recommendations on skin care products and routines. She also does my eyebrows and I have never once been disappointed when leaving!
~~ Ann H.J - Greenville, SC Client since 2008