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Facial Massage -- the ULTIMATE Anti-Aging Treatment

There are many different facial massage techniques; Lesa will select a massage method ideally suited to your skin care needs and concerns.

SkinLife by Lesa's facial massage is derived from the best of western and eastern massage techniques, allowing for a state of deep relaxation and revitalization of the skin in order to improve circulation and the assimilation of active products. Lymphatic drainage is vital for the natural circulation of the lymph. Lymph circulates throughout the entire body and collects harmful materials for disposal. The facial and upper body massage is designed to promote a healthy circulation of lymph.

Head and neck de-stress massage brings relief to those who suffer stiffness around the neck and tight shoulders, migraines, stress, eyestrain and insomnia, greatly improving circulation! Aromatherapy combined with lymphatic and pressure point massage of the upper chest, neck and face brings relief of colds, congestion, blocked ears and sinusitis. Vital energy will flow freely as blood circulation is increased.

The face is full of small, sensitive muscles. Tension and age causes the connective tissue between the layers of the facial skin and the facial muscles to become less supple over time. Habitual expressions such as frown lines, rigid jaws and squinting eyes can become set.

The gentle and relaxing pressure of a proper facial massage can loosen up the facial muscles, soothe congested eyelids, smooth the eye contour and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed! Circles under the eye and facial wrinkles are reduced, and your complexion will be toned and glowing due to the selection of proper active ingredients!

The face needs exercise. The stimulating effect of nimble fingers massaging the face helps stimulate, nourish, and firm the skin!